Don’t Get A Gun

The guy in this story had every right to be really mad.  And apparently he was quite angry.  I don’t recommend handling anger the way this guy chose to.  It got him in a heap of trouble.

And isn’t that just rotten?  Don’t get me wrong, threatening the police and your wife (even if she is a cheater) is a bad thing.  But really.  This guy was under some serious stress.  He came home and found his wife naked after her lover had just left their house.  Anybody would be livid – unless they just don’t give a rip about their spouse or their marriage.

I can’t imagine what he would have done if he’d gotten there ten or fifteen minutes sooner.  The other man would certainly be on the list of people he threatened with his gun.  Or maybe there would be a body count.

This is probably more extreme than most scenarios involving infidelity, but this is a good reminder how important it is to keep your cool even if you’re confronted with something by surprise.

Read more about this unfortunate situation in the Daily Local News out of West Chester, PA here:

Man allegedly threatens wife with gun after infidelity suspicions





Photo taken by w:User:FtWashGuy

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  1. Isabel
    3 years ago

    that he was sorry. I found out a year ago. Your e-book How to break free helped gratley. I was able to get my emotions under control. I took control of the situation and gave him a few things to think about. I told him that it was time to do the right thing. I appologized for my part in what brought him to the point, where HE made a decision to cheat on me. I said that in the past when I had been home alone and so lonely, I may have, if given the opportunity, had an affair. If someone had visited me everyday, telling me,how wonderful and talented I am, and how I don’t deserve the way you treat me,maybe I would have made the same decision. I also told him that I wouldn’t be going out looking for someone else, at least until we are divorced.(he seemed surprised that I had considered finding someone else)Even though our children are grown, we still need to set a good example for them. I said that I wanted him, but that I would be fine, with or without him.That I was stronger than he thought I was. God has gotten me this far and I don’t need anyone else. After that conversation, the affair ended. He began being very attentive and telling me that he loves me often. There were other similar conversation as I gave him things to think about once in a while. I never filled our conversations with too much to think about, just enough,then I would leave him to think. He spends much time with me now and calls me from work. We do things together on the weekends, and spend time together after work. Things are much more relaxed and it takes less effort. He knew from the beginning that I had forgiven him, but that was for my peace of mind. I don’t think that he even understands why he made the decision to cheat. It WAS his decision. I would still feel better, had he said he was sorry. I want to hear that he regrets betraying our vows, and that what he did was wrong. I know it was wrong. I would feel much better if I could be sure that he did. But, beyond that, life is good, and I can only control my thoughts and actions. It’s nice to have my husbands love and attention, more so than ever, but I could survive just fine without it. All I need is God.The other person has since divorced.Now, just 8 months later, she is getting married to the new love of her life.