Losing Sleep

One of the problems I faced when dealing with my husband’s infidelity was that I had trouble sleeping.  My mind was constantly racing and I was always thinking about everything.  It was nearly impossible for me to fall asleep unless I was totally exhausted.

I was tired and irritable all the time because of the lack of sleep.   I was also angry at my husband for doing things that made me unable to sleep.   Basically, all the things that were wrong in my life seemed to relate to my husband’s infidelity.  While that wasn’t completely true, it wasn’t all that wrong either!

My counselor suggested that I try Ambien to help me sleep.  My doctor prescribed it and I used it.  I was able to fall asleep and it did seem to help for a while.  I did have some of the side effects such as memory loss.  I would do or say things I didn’t remember after I’d taken it.  I didn’t like this at all.  Since I felt uncomfortable taking it, I stopped using it.

Today I saw an article about prescription drugs for sleep that I think is interesting.  I’m sure that what I experienced with difficulty sleeping is typical and that many others who are dealing with uncertainty and pain in their marriage are turning to prescription medications to sleep.   The first part of the article states:

“Those who took as few as eight pills a year had about a 350 percent increased risk of death.”

Wow.  That’s a frightening statistic.  The article gives resources for natural sleep alternatives that might be helpful for some.  Here’s the link to the article on MSN if you want to read the complete story:

The Scary Reason To Avoid Prescription Sleep Drugs

I found an alternative that helped me when I decided that a prescription wasn’t the best option for me.  You can see what I used here:

Natural Sleep Made Simple


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  1. Kelly
    3 years ago

    Although tough but it is better to go for relaxation techniques than taking pills. Meditation, deep breathing and other techniques not only calms the mind but also brings clarity in thinking. You can actually feel better and deal with the pain effectively, other than sleeping soundly.