Take A Bullet?

I participate in an online message board that is a place for people dealing with infidelity in their marriage to get support and advice.  I saw a thread today that asked if anyone would take a bullet for their spouse.

Is this guy serious?  This is a virtual meeting room full of people who have remarkable contempt for their spouses.  Does he realize that most of the people who will read his question will want to shoot him just for asking something like this?  Well, maybe it’s not quite that intense.  Anyway, some of the responses were clever and funny.

One ex-wife said that she would do anything for her kids, but not for her ex-husband.  She said that since he drove their marriage into the iceberg, it’s women and children first into the lifeboats.  He’s on his own.  I thought this response won the award for the most clever.

Another soon to be ex-wife said that there’s no way she’d take a bullet for her cheating spouse.  She would, however, considering firing one at him.

One of the regular posters said he wasn’t over his wife’s affair enough to take a bullet for her.  He said he is feeling a little more hopeful that they might work things out so if she needed an ambulance, he would probably call one for her.

One guy went deep into thought to come up with a good response.  Things were a little better these days for them and he would probably be willing to get hurt for her, but not die.  So he would take a shot in the leg from a small gun from far away but he wouldn’t do it if the gun was big and close.

Another guy said of course he’d take a bullet.  He’s a cop and he has a vest.    And this makes me wonder – what kind of woman with a death wish would cheat on a man who uses a gun at work?  Talk about police brutality…







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  1. StandCheer
    3 years ago

    Can emotional afafir be grounds for divorce?Hello, my wife and I are separated right now because according to her, she no longer loves me and only sees me as a friend I may have led her to have the emotional afafir because I was playing too much video games and didn’t give her much attention. But once I found out about it, I tried to talk to her and work it out, even promising her I won’t play video games for a month and just pay attention to her and out kids (4 yo daughter and 2 yo son). However after the one month grace period, she still refuse to stop talking to this guy online and on the phone. It has been about 4 months now and she still talks to him and still only sees me as a friend she even told me that the guy came to visit her and how she spend time with him with our kids I know she hasn’t done anything with him physically beside holding hands but would this be grounds for divorce? And even thou I blame myself for all this, am I really to blame here?The problem is I still love her and hope we can still remind a family for our two kids. But if worse comes to worse would emotional afafir be use as ground for divorce?Funny how a lot of ppl might defend her on this issue. Yes I was wrong to have done what I did and was willing to work out my problems for her and our kids, but to be doing this kind of stuff WHILE I was away working really kill a person inside. We are both only 25 years old yes to some people we are still young. However beside the games, I did work so that 1. Being only 24 at the time, we had a great house. 2. Even after getting laid off, I went to seek work and just so happens I was on the road a lot and to come home to this I did not say I played video games 24/7 I just so happen to be playing when she want my attention, but I never really got mad when she gave me the cold shoulder while trying to give her MY attention. But Thank you all for the input, please keep them coming.Oh and about the one month of not play video games it was just to prove to her that I can do it cause she think I couldn’t. And the terms of agreement was that I don’t play and she give me a chance. However, during that month she ignore me all together while talking to the guy, and yet I stuck with it. I made a promise to her at our wedding, however I have side tracked myself and felt bad about it and was willing to change if given a fair chance. Even thou after that one month period, I still haven’t played. This was just a general question with my lives problem as example. But to be honest, I never would have sign the papers till I die ( till death to us part)