The Main Reason To Investigate

Reasons to investigate an affair

So you think your spouse is having an affair.  You’ve been able to check off several of the indicators on the checklist.  Maybe you just have that feeling that something isn’t right.  If you don’t have a checklist, sign up in the box to the right to get our free checklist.

No matter what makes you think you should check things out, you need to know for sure what’s going on – if there’s something going on.

There are a few obvious reasons to investigate the situation – the biggest one being so that you can protect yourself in a potential divorce.  One of the main reasons you need to investigate to get the truth may be less obvious.

You need to investigate so that you know for sure what’s going on so that you’ll be convinced of the truth.  One of the things I hear so often is a spouse who doesn’t want to believe or keeps buying in to their spouses continued lies.

If you see the evidence with your own eyes – in black and white or living color – you will not be able to deny the truth.  As long as you refuse to believe what’s going on you will not take action to protect yourself.  It’s not a good idea to let your spouse run wild with someone else when they’re supposed to be home with you.  Your health, happiness, and finances depend on being able to act on the truth about your marriage.

Take your head out of the sand and start getting the facts on your spouse right away!  I almost waited too long because I was scared of what I’d find.  Because I let his affair go on for so long, I found way more than I wanted to when I did finally start to investigate.  Do not let that happen to you!

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